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We are ShootMe

Based in Brussels, we work all over Belgium & Europe to produce engaging and captivating content with heart and savoir-faire.


Our aim is to capture visually striking images, both creative and effective, original and professional. Shootme was born out of two pros in their respective field, a talented photo-videographer and a marketing genius. Together, they joined forces to create a company that can take care of your needs on multiple levels.

Our company is a blend of experienced film producers and accomplished marketers, paired with young and innovative team members ready to create and provide a vast range of services: concept developing, scripting, producing, filming, editing, and more.



A.K.A. - Mc Gyver

Managing Director & Cofounder

With his athletic figure and his angel face, Benjamin had a hard time choosing between a modelling career and becoming the next Rodger Federer. After a devastating defeat at the age of 4, he found comfort in the arms of his father who shared with him his love for photography. As a new passion started to grow on him, Benjamin began to capture the world with his camera and has been doing so ever since.



A.K.A. - The Max

Production manager

Jack of all trades since she was a child, Maxine wanted to develop her many different talents and ideas. Promised to be a great engineer, she preferred the likes of an artistic road and chose it without looking back. And now as the world of videography has caught her heart, she works on acquiring as many skills as she can to make the content she loves. 



A.K.A. - Batman


As the real sports enthusiast he is, young Michael preferred to stay away from the camera and shine on the court instead. But when at 18, he was rejected at the door of a nightclub, he decided to step into the light to create his own parties and became the marketing wizard we know today, combining his love of leading brands to their best and now content creation.

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A.K.A. - The knight

Video editor

Coming soon

_DSC1981 2.jpg


A.K.A. - Christmas


Coming soon



A.K.A. - Le bordelais

Video editor & drone pilot

Coming soon

Let's talk about

Tell us more about your project and our dedicated team will make sure to find the creative solution you need.

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